I have moved

Hello there,

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to close Dosh Kingdom and open Bin Weevils’ Latest!

Over the past 24 Hours I have been working my socks off to make this brand new website, which will hopefully get more views!

Staff, I’m really sorry about the short notice of this. Feel free to post on this blog, but I want to keep my new blog with me as the only staff member.

Here is the link!


I hope you enjoy!



Bumper Post + Glowy Dude returns!

Universal Edits - Bin Weevils

Hello there guys,

I know I haven’t posted in ages, but I don’t want to go into why I haven’t been posting.

I won a 6 Month Membership! It turns out my Halloween room was the best in the Bin-Xtraa competition and I won a membership! I have adopted a pet called Zypho & earned lots of mulch from my magazines and Photo Studio . Here are my current earnings!

The mulch from my studio is 100% legit, and I received it from my buddy STORM GIRL. The mulch from my studio is 100% legit, and I received it from my buddy STORM GIRL

Does anyone know how to make your pet a hopper? Does anyone know how to make your pet a hopper?

Glowy Dude has made a return to Bin Weevils! I met him last night at the Bin Weevil changer, we had some fun, and he added me! Here is proof:


Glowy Dude is famous because in 2011 or 2012, he hacked into Bin Weevil’s database and made himself big! He was banned later…

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-Dracula’s Halloween Party


-Dracula is hosting the Halloween party TODAY at 11AM – 1PM at Flum’s Fountain. Be there sharpish to receive an invite to -Prime’s nest 🙂


Put on your BEST Halloween costume (look) for a chance to win 1,000 Mulch and one of Universal Edits’ RARE UniCard Xtras! We pick selectively.

UniCardXtra_PromoClick to enlarge

Be there, it’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Hosted by -Dracula, sponsored by The Universal Edits Group

(Posted on UE)

A new staff member joins!

Hello there Weevils!,

Welcome to Dosh Kingdomthe official Bin Weevils site for tips,guides,information and lots more!, My name is Dracula, also known as Doshy and I am a new staff member to this site! I have got multiples of weevils I made in my Bin Weevils life!.

My first ever weevil was called tum0, Which I levelled him to 18 in 2 weeks, which is not bad at all!, Then I sadly lost chat forever so that was when I made…

Doshy-Dude!, He was my first main weevil which I loved and this is how I became Doshy!, I love Dosh so I thought let’s name him Doshy-Dude, I am now called -Prime because I’m sick of the name Doshy and it’s getting old.

Here is what -Prime looks like:


I am also a graphics designer! (In Progress), I like to create banners etc in Photoshop CS6. I was really bad at graphics until I got Photoshop CS6, I got a lot better! I’m one of these people who always follows the rules, I always behave and try and sort any argument out. But sadly I lost Photoshop but soon I am getting a new laptop to get it back! 🙂

I have also got my own YouTube channel called Majestic Bws, I would always be doing tips, guides and information for you guys too!, Here is a picture of what my channel looks like:


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What will I bring to this blog?

I will bring great detailed posts, pages, good graphics and a lot more.

Thank you for reading my post and I will try and post twice a week to make sure this blog is activate all times!  I see you around some time or another!


Dosh Kingdom’s New Member to the family…..

Hey there weevils!

Dotman2005 here with some VERY exciting news.

I have made a mascot for Dosh Kingdom!

His name is Hatchback and you can see him in the bin sometime! Here he is saying hello.

Meet Hatchback

He is currently at level 13 and I am trying to level him up as quick as I can.

Also,the brand new Bin Legends/Moderators is nearly finished! Just give me a few more days so I can add new weevils and proofread.

Happy Weeviling!


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P.S Don’t forget special Halloween Crew Parties today at 4:00! See you there!

Bumper Post 2

Hey there,

Dotman2005 here with yet another Bumper Post. It has been ages since I have posted on the blog so I suppose I should tell you all why.

First of all,I have joined 2 websites which are Universal Edits Dosh Mania Ltd and A life of Bin Weevils.

Here are the links:



In other news, I have reached level 47 and I have started to shape my room for Halloween! Take a look!

Halloween Halloween Post

On the left is my Halloween Profile Picture for twitter,youtube and wordpress.

Top Tip: Since it is Halloween season and if you want to level up quickly,(and if you have a ton of mulch),buy the floating candles from the Halloween shop inside the shopping mall! Priced at 300 Mulch and gives you 30 XP a piece,that is a real bargain!

I think it is time for Sad News. Gong’s Pipenest,the only area never to be updated since the original game launched in 2003 was updated on Wednesday 7th October. You can read my post on A Life of Bin Weevils here : https://alifeofbinweevils.wordpress.com/2015/10/07/a-sad-day-for-the-whole-bw-community/ .

Flipsies has entered Bin Weevils!

Here is a picture of me outside the area and inside!

flipsies outside blog

flipsies inside blog

Hunt Answers for Hotel Transylvania 2 and Flipsies!

hunt answers

Power Rangers Dino Charge and Lego Friends have also arrived so be sure to check them out.

I also spotted Buffyann! Famous in the old bin for winning KOTB and her kindness and personality. I found her and I managed to take a picture!

me and buffyann

Now for some secret codes! I have loads of them and they all are to do with Halloween!

Leaves500 – 500 Mulch

Spooky – 250XP

EERIE12 – 500 Mulch, 200XP and 2 DOSH

Scary15 – 500 Mulch,250XP and 2 Dosh

Ghosts – 500 Mulch

Eyeballs6 – Nest Item

Ghost6 – Nest Item

Pumpkin6 – Nest Item

TrickorTreat6 – Nest Item

Spooky6 – Nest Item

That does it for this post so I’ll see you later!

Happy Weeviling!


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